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Apexis is a high-tech company specializing in manufacturing ip cameras.supply ip camera,network camera,surveillance camera,wireless ip camera,wireless webcam,security ip camera and so on,Welcome to buy!
Business: sales@apexis.com.cn
Technical Support: tech@apexis.com.cn

Apexis Events

2005-03  Apexis formally established.
2006-11  Apexis entered into security industry, started the market research on IP camera.
2007-03  Apexis R&D center founded in shenzhen Hi-Tech Ind-Park.
2008-03  Factory started in Longhua, Shenzhen.
2008-04  Apexis released the first home security wireless IP Camera model APM-J010-WS.
2008-05  Apexis takes the lead in releasing APM-J011-WS, got promising market feedback.
2008-06  Acquired the CE, ROHS, FCC certifications.
2008-10  Apexis IPcam entered into international market formally under the China Soursing Fair hold in Hong Kong.
2009-01  Apexis released the first outdoor WIFI model APM-J0233-WS-IR.
2009-03  Released the new waterproof model APM-J0210-IR which supports one way audio.
2009-04  Attended the CSF in HK, released MJPEG series IP cameras.
2009-05  Released the patent model APM-J0111-WS.
2009-10  Apexis took part in Global Source Electronic Show(CSF) in HK.
2009-11  Released the first box IP camera APM-J0220.
2010-01  Apexis released the first H.264 wireless IP Camera APM-H0236-WS.
2010-03  Released the first Mini wireless IPCam APM-J012-WS, patented.
2010-04  Took part in the China Soursing Fair in Hongkong.
2010-05  Apexis established the high-secured DDNS server.
2010-05  Released 7-languages version UI for MJEPG series products.
2010-06  Released a new indoor pan/tilt model APM-J0118-WS.
2010-06  Updated CE, ROHS, FCC certifications for new models.
2010-07  Apexis plan to establish a new factory.
2010-08  Apexis released a new outdoor model APM-J602-WS-IR with 30 LEDs.
2010-09  Apexis released another outdoor model APM-J601-WS-IR with 18 LEDs.
2010-09  Apexis released CMS(Client software) beta version for MJPEG series IP Cameras.
2010-10  Apexis released the CMS V1.1 formally, which could support 64CH.
2010-10  Apexis took part in the Security Essen, Germany, booth number GA-157-C.
2010-10  Apexis attended the China Soursing Fair in Hongkong.
2010-10  Apexis contracted with Grain Media to develop the H.264 series IP camera together.
2010-11  Released the CMS V1.2.
2010-12  Rleased another private model APM-J802-WS, which is the update version for APM-J0118-WS.
2010-12  Released the CMS V1.3.
2010-12  Iphone, Android APP released.
2011-01  Released the CMS V1.7.
2011-01  Start POE(Power over ethernet) project.
2011-01  Released 9-languages version UI for MJEPG series products.
2011-01  Updated the CE, ROHS,FCC certifications for new models.
2011-02  Apexis released the CMS V1.8, compatible with H.264 series models.
2011-02  The new factory locates in Shajin, Baoan, started.
2011-03  Apexis released the first IR-Cut filter model APM-J011-WS-IRC.
2011-03  Released the CMS V1.9.
2011-03  Apexis took part in Cebit2011 in Germany, booth number 11A39,  recommended POE concept.
2011-04  Apexis released POE models, APM-J011-POE & APM-J0233-POE.
2011-04  Start the Megapixel IP camera project.
2011-04  Apexis attended the ISC West 2011 in USA, booth number 33027.
2011-04  Apexis took part in CSF in Hongkong.
2011-05  Released CMS V1.10, supports query player.
2011-05  Released the first H.264 IP camera model APM-H804-WS, the software and solution were researched and developed by Apexis.
2011-06  Released CMS V1.10, supports MPEG-4 video compression mode.
2011-06  Released the outdoor waterproof Pan/Tilt model APM-J901-Z-WS, with 3Xzoom function.
2011-06  Updated CE, ROHS,FCC certifications for new models.
2011-07  Start P2P project.
2011-08  Released 13-languages version UI for MJEPG series products.
2011-08  Released CMS V1.17
2011-09  Apexis released the new patent model APM-J803-WS.2011.10  APM-H501-MPC-WS released, which is the first H.264 Megapixel model developed by Apexis.
2011-10  Released Onvif.
2011-10  Apexis took part in the China Soursing Fair in Hongkong.
2011-10  Released CMS V1.19
2011-10  Prepare to release new H.264 series products.

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