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Apexis is a high-tech company specializing in manufacturing ip cameras.supply ip camera,network camera,surveillance camera,wireless ip camera,wireless webcam,security ip camera and so on,Welcome to buy!
Business: sales@apexis.com.cn
Technical Support: tech@apexis.com.cn
APEXIS upcoming grand debut CSF Hong Kong autumn exhibition

   China Sourcing Fair: Security Products Autumn Exhibition will open on October 12 in Asia World-Expo of Hong Kong, there will be a major domestic security products manufacturers attended the event, as one of the main network camera manufacturer in China,Shenzhen Apexis Electronic Co., Ltd. will show case their latest megapixel HD ip camera products to the majority of merchants, these new products has different style and functions and their use range from indoor home security monitoring video surveillance to the outdoor patio, roads, residential of the area.
   We also sent a highly experienced sales and technical staff detailed network camera products for participating merchants, Welcome 2L17 booth to learn about our products, and hope that this exhibition will be the beginning of our good cooperation.
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