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How reasonable choice of civilian monitoring system

In recent years, with the continuous development and product homogeneity other security markets intensifies reasons, some products on price dropped lower and lower, some home security product itself, the price is not high, a few hundred dollars home camera, pickups products meet the basic security needs of the user. And in recent years, home security monitoring is one of the promising areas of business, not only valued home surveillance security companies, some non-security companies also have action. A lot of people mentioned in the smart home will have "expensive" impression, low prices will undoubtedly be of great advantage in the market, coupled with new things low prices, will promote the expansion of the market. Smart home system for home users, the use of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology will be integrated household-related facilities, build efficient residential facilities and home affairs agenda management system, enhance home safety, convenience, comfort, artistry, and to achieve eco-friendly living environment. Wireless technology has begun since most home systems are installed after the house was built, so no re-wiring of the increasing number of applications to the field of smart home, smart home to home appliances into a single platform, through the intelligent mobile terminal control. Home security products is the development trend of using wireless communication, wireless technology has become a strong bridge between the two fusion.
With the escalation of the living environment, places where people also require higher safety index, personal safety and property security, human security, family and residential district of more attention. Security monitoring system can burglary as thieves, fire alarm, etc., may also be evidence for the thief to the police after the fact to provide favorable evidence. The combined security monitoring and residential building intercom, access control and combination plays an important role, because people no special attention to safety when a family, security monitoring systems, "intelligent" is very important. Development of mobile phones and tablet PCs and other mobile terminals are now, enriching the way people communicate. Household products, such as some of the smart home devices, the function also supports control of phones, tablets, and other smart devices, and the installation process is not complicated, such as with the video surveillance system that allows users to view the situation through the network in real-time at home, fully play real-time and proactive monitoring. Intelligent monitoring system can real-time analysis, tracking, discrimination monitoring objects and unusual event when prompted, reported. Each according to their needs need to pick a different monitoring system, monitoring system contains a network cameras, video transmission, storage, display and other functions, is not a single product capable of. Moreover, different units on the installation position of the camera's requirements will be different. Therefore, before we determine product support, should determine their own prevention requirements, understand the relevant product knowledge, product support programs to determine the actual situation. When the best conditions to draw a simple product support and installation plan, listing each product installation location, installation, use and other accessories, in order to avoid missing parts at the time of installation, the circumstances affecting the installation.
There are desktop computers for home users, "pc + capture card" approach to reduce costs, using pc + capture cards can take advantage of the original home computer (configuration meets the requirements of the board), the disadvantage is the large hard disk space required for video files , For a long time the application needs to use professional digital hard disk recorders. DVR has a large superiority compared with traditional analog video recorders, video for a long time, the maximum recording time depends on the capacity of the storage device is connected, generally up to a few hundred hours; may be a few road Meanwhile, more than a dozen roads, and even a few ten simultaneous recording; recording and image quality will not deteriorate over time; more feature-rich, unlike traditional analog VCR so simple. Size is not the same need to be monitored in the field are not the same, not the same cameras we need, so we must first determine the monitoring point. Then according to the specific circumstances of each monitoring point, to determine the requirements of each surveillance camera picture quality, and to determine the number of home monitoring cameras. Kind of surveillance cameras used by many, we have to monitor the sites according to brightness (illuminance) situation and the type of night monitoring to determine whether the use of surveillance cameras. If the ambient brightness of a specific monitoring points is relatively low or need to monitor at night, we need to put the camera in this monitoring point is determined as the infrared camera; if some places need to adjust the position of the camera lens, we may need to rotate the head; for both do not need night vision function does not need to purchase an ordinary camera lens can be. For home monitoring, the appearance is also a very important consideration. Pull the camera eliminates the need for a wireless network does trouble and unsightly, but need to pay attention to the problem of distance and obstacles. In principle cement wireless transmission distance will be shortened, the metal material is completely covered wireless signal transmitter (camera end) and receiver (host side) to stay away from other electrical appliances to avoid interference, if you want to adopt a wireless network, we have to be carefully weighed up. We must accurately measure the distance between each camera to the host, whether wired or wireless monitor for it, this is an essential step....

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