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The new application of intelligent vision technology

Intelligent vision technology can effectively solve the problem of the traditional video surveillance industry, for the security industry to provide a broader application direction. Its main feature is the use of computer vision methods, in the case of almost no human intervention, through a sequence of images shot on HD surveillance cameras recorded for automatic analysis of dynamic scenes target location, identification and tracking, and analyze and judge the behavior of the target, which can be done both at the time of the completion of the daily management of abnormal happens to respond in a timely manner on this basis. More Figuratively speaking, intelligent visual surveillance system to watch, to see the scene to monitor the behavior of the target object; be able to think, ponder what it means to the behavior of the target object; it can be said, to think of the results expressed in the form of natural language. So intelligent visual surveillance system to replace the monitoring tasks were completed most of the work, is a new generation of monitoring technology is highly intelligent. Intelligent visual analysis important role of technology in the field of security is not in doubt, it has broad application prospects, can be applied in all major industries. Intelligent visual analysis products related with the development of technology continues to refine, such as face recognition than on the system. Because visual analysis and intelligence-related HD product has not been true popularity, monitoring layout point of the community is not perfect, is still only for use on certain industries, but also much less than universal coverage, only the use of large quantities HD cameras, increasing to capture clear, the possibility of a positive face, in order to better combat effectiveness.
With continued investment HD cameras, intelligent people for visual analysis of the demand for technology products, more and more requirements are also increasing, which gives the security industry has brought a broad idea, many intelligent rapid emergence of new products: Double the core purpose of technology is to improve the three-dimensional mesh recognition accuracy. Because of the three-dimensional geometry of the object field of stereo vision technology has formed, it is possible to set the detection rules effectively eliminate interference factors of light, shadow, etc., greatly improve the accuracy of intelligence analysis. Using two cameras or more cameras, three-dimensional position and attitude of the visual field coordinate space of free movement of highly accurate body measurements, to determine the centroid position of the moving object, and according to the results of the calibration tracking moving targets with high accuracy. Stereo vision technology to track, because the three-dimensional coordinates can identify targets, attitude, relative distance, distance and space background environment, and therefore able to adapt to the complex track background environment. Binocular technology for human attribute is face recognition technology to identify a stepping technology applications, which more accurately locate and analyze the characteristics of people have to support an important role.
Multi-Camera billiards tracking technology is based on a single linkage billiards Intelligent tracking technology as a foundation. From the application level, it is possible to track the ball machine ordinary single-point monitoring and improve the system for seamless relay for single target tracking, with the use of electronic maps, can easily achieve a high level of security for the region the seamless tracking and achieve the target trajectory depicted, such as high levels of crime warning security needs. Multi-ball machine interaction tracking implementation techniques, and requires multi-target recognition and tracking technology. In the application, normally set as the launching point of a billiards machine for intelligent behavior within a wide range of target analysis, and multiple targets simultaneously monitored in accordance with established policies sorted and in the order, directing smart trackball machine individually tracking and monitoring goals. Compared with single-target tracking, the key point is that multi-target tracking data association problem, namely the establishment of a unified coordinate system, making the launch ball machine coordinate information can be passed to the target track ball machine, to achieve linkage tracking.
With the popularity of surveillance cameras,surveillance systems there are vast amounts of video data, the traditional method of artificial needs from start to finish to see the order of play, often several times the original video needs time to complete, so the need for large numbers of people, in order to avoid missing and error, but also increase human input. But proven that this method is still not solve the fundamental problem, based on the above requirements, security manufacturers developed a video summary, video retrieval techniques. Video Summary formation of video clips, different time goal "through time and space" to play at the same time show that 24 hours of video being made into a short summary of the video to a few minutes to become a reality. Video Summary is not only concentrated essence of the event, but also all the activities of the event, there is no value of the video will be removed. By polychoric snapshot technology, in a few seconds you can read all of the moving target as possible, back the original video, instant targeted location in the original video. The implementation and application of intelligent video analysis capabilities will greatly enhance the massive video surveillance video analysis efficiency. Video retrieval algorithm is mainly dependent on the video video preprocessing, video content by structuring treatment, to extract the useful information in the video content, marking or correlation processing, after one can be quickly retrieved by various properties described . Therefore, the most important is the use of video retrieval of video detection algorithm for video description of the structure, the current algorithm has been applied in the corresponding products are mainly the following: behavior analysis algorithms, license plate recognition algorithm, the vehicle color recognition algorithms, car standard recognition algorithm, vehicle identification algorithm, face detection and recognition algorithms, human feature recognition algorithms. Which also includes the identification of human characteristics to identify the person's age, sex, height, clothing color, whether wearing glasses feature information. In the video retrieval has been relatively mature technology is applied behavior analysis algorithms algorithms, license plate recognition algorithm, the vehicle color recognition algorithm, face detection and recognition algorithms.
Video splicing system is based on image stitching technology to achieve, and image stitching technique is based on the actual needs of research and development and engineering come. Often used in many areas than the human eye perspective of high-resolution images, and the perspective of an ordinary camera or video camera often can not meet the need. At present, many large-scale applications that require high-definition scenes shot high coverage, such as airport runways, terminals, etc., a camera can not really show a clear picture of these large-scale application scenarios, the user can not give a satisfactory definition video, but can not the things that make high-definition video analysis, which is brought high investment and multi-screen display, not just the visual effect is not good, it can not meet the needs of users the greatest degree of high-definition big screen. Based on these needs, image stitching technology to solve this problem, the technology will image mosaic from different perspectives together to obtain high-resolution images, to solve the urgent needs of users of high-definition surveillance of large scenes, you can be on a video image View high-definition screen.

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