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What is Intelligent IP Camera

Security industry development so far, the network video surveillance technology gradually improved, security monitoring has been gradually from analog to digital transformation, and its technology is moving in high-definition, accelerate the development of digital, intelligent, integrated direction, but to promote the intelligent process, only intelligent front-end to form large-scale intelligent applications. This will profoundly affect the development pattern of the entire security industry, for the security ushered considerable progress. Perceived as a camera, you must have these features: the ability to "recognize" the video content; can "think" What happened in the video; the video content and abnormal events, language, pictures, etc. "Description" come out. In the field of smart cameras, smart cameras early products are replacing traditional infrared radio and other equipment to use at this stage is only applicable to stop people walking break and scenarios, so that the information it outputs is particularly simple, just a warning signal only, but the false alarm rate is large, the alert area, animal intrusion, walking and lighting changes patrol officers are likely to cause alarm, because of the intrusion of the camera body does not recognize. IntelligentIPC able to identify the monitor screen contents depend on intelligence analysis, and capture its semantic description and Best Picture, and then analyzed by the back-end big data platform, instead of human beings to think and make judgments.
According to the monitoring and the need to identify the content of the scene, IntelligentIPC includes three series: Characteristics of cameras, vehicle-mount cameras, personnel mount cameras. Features of the camera is suitable for relatively open scene, to capture people, vehicles, material and other targets in a more broad picture and accurately identify each object type, size, color, direction, speed, and then generate semantic and pictures ...... information sent to the back-end big data platform. For different applications, there are bolt, bolt-infrared, high-speed ball, infrared high-speed ball, ball joint gun, infrared gun ball joint and other forms of products, to meet the basic features of the current majority of the monitoring scenario analysis applications. Vehicle license plate mount cameras capture and recognition is not limited, it can accurately identify the car standard, model, body color richer feature information. Moreover, it is able to capture the vehicle and passengers, even in the daytime backlit scenes, it can clearly identify and capture passengers face photo for the back-end analysis and identification. In addition to color, direction and other basic features of information, a lot of key areas still need to accurately identify and capture the human face photographs, in order to carry out the depth of face recognition and other applications. Such places are very suitable for the deployment of personnel mount cameras. Staff bayonet camera not only be able to accurately capture the best face photo, it can capture people traveling, physical characteristics. Capture the human face, body photos, as well as the direction of travel, speed and other information, along with the large data transfer to the back-end platform that provides in-depth analysis applications.
Previously peaceful city mainly through intelligent analysis backend recognition, the cost is very high, it can only carry out small-scale applications, not really become a big data base. And IntelligentIPC has changed everything, it costs far less than the back-end intelligence, it is large-scale deployment of intelligent analysis to remove the obstacles. Massive front-end intelligent analysis, combined with the back-end big data platform, safe city truly in-depth analysis and mining capabilities. Such a deployment, the era of big data is safe under the city. By combining with the Safe City Big Data platform, IntelligentIPC has been made in the Green City in a large number of applications: real-time surveillance, intelligent semantic-based search, high-risk personnel than the right, the face photo search, body image search, portrait multi-point collision, vehicle search map map, multi-vehicle collision. Furthermore, based on large data platform IntelligentIPC massive upload videos, pictures, and the depth of excavation structured information, we can carry out public security management, urban traffic management, social management and emergency management.

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