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Ten most promising security technology

In 2014 there were many kinds of security in the area of new technology, they inject more vitality into the development of the security surveillance industry. 4K monitor many advantages, but it has the same system requirements for the whole project is very high, the current mainstream coding technology is still as H.264 (H.265 coding is not yet ripe), in which the coding environment, 4K for storage demand is relatively speaking 1080P will grow exponentially, and in many of the current monitoring projects, spending part of the occupied storage has reached more than 50%, the cost increase will bring users can not bear the weight of the cost. Illumination is the inevitable trend of development of surveillance cameras, ordinary cameras and low-light cameras principle is the same, the biggest difference is that under low light performance monitoring, currently under no external lighting conditions, effective monitoring of illuminance values reach 0.001Lux and below, often referred to as Star-class cameras, this is the best one class of low-light cameras. 4G technology allows wireless HD transmission more secure, in the actual testing, access to the video have 720P@25fps/1.5Mbps and WD1 @ 25fps / 1Mbps, the former is the online video source, which is an analog video format HD-ready products, by after access to the DVR or NVR, when separate transmission module 4G found, both in terms of the transmission can be achieved in real-time viewing, and there is no sign of Caton, the resulting picture is consistent with the wired transmission. And now the wireless transmission equipment also offers dual-4G mutually redundant design, wireless HD transmission more secure. Facts have proved that, 4G fully meet the current definition, real-time monitoring of video transmission applications.
Before H.265 is not universal, rate 1080P @ 50fps setting requirements around 8Mbps to achieve good results, it also means increased user costs of storage space and bandwidth will invest. Whether it is the front-end or back-end store surveillance cameras, frame rate increase will certainly lead to increased data volume. To 50fps, the amount of data is twice 25fps, facing storage doubles, doubling the storage time, the hardware and software of the idle, system performance, handling the screen multiplied, making data management and processing workload increases. In addition to the camera's sensor, bus design, video processing chip, code compression algorithm and body heat issues, it also means a certain extent, an increase in cost. Through the fog technology as the key technology of urban outdoor surveillance can be divided into physical and digital through the fog through the fog, physical optics through the fog through the fog that was mainly realized by the camera lens, and the lens is generally high Refreshing mist used in large electric variable the times the lens, expensive, mostly for the port, such as large-scale forest monitoring remote monitoring sites. The value is through the fog on the surveillance camera or back-end software implementation, through the fog DFG currently used by most manufacturers algorithm is given DSP processing chip image enhancement algorithms, is the back-end image restoration technique for human visual perception model can be quickly implemented through the fog effect, the current low cost of such technology, simple to deploy. Cloud computing is Internet-based computing approach, in this way, the hardware and software resources and information sharing may be provided to a computer or other devices on demand, from a share of these resources, you can configure the repository, and can quickly get and Normal. And cloud computing with superior computing power, versatility, scalability, and innovative big data machine learning algorithms, data reliability, easy maintenance and low-cost features. Like in the project using safe city, intelligent transportation among cloud by powerful distributed computing power of a large, complex and chaotic data for effective analysis and processing, thereby or to related data.
IVS biggest advantage is that you can replace a portion of repetitive manual labor, improve the efficiency of video surveillance, from the previous passive when dealing into the present initiative, prior defense. IVS real-time detection and dealing with emergencies, such as accidents or illegal invasion; publish video content in real time of important events, providing image analysis and statistical reports for policy makers, in order to strengthen the foundation for decision-making; open architecture can support the industry signal flow standard format, structured data, analog / digital, you can push the intelligent analysis of video content into different channels and mobile devices. IVS These advantages make it will be hot in 2015. On the current level of technology, simulation technology is a breakthrough high-definition imaging technology to simulate the original analog clarity of the theoretical value. Of course, the technical bottlenecks which involves many aspects, there are mainly 960H, HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD and so on. H.265 is the new video coding standard H.264 ITU-TVCEG Following formulated. Around the existing H.265 standard video coding standard H.264, retain some of the original technology, but to improve on a number of related technologies. The new technology uses advanced technologies to improve relations streaming, encoding quality, delay and complexity of the algorithm between the optimized settings. Specific studies include: greater compression efficiency and error resilience, reducing real-time delay, reduce channel acquisition time and random access delay, reduce complexity and so on. Mobile video surveillance monitoring will become civilian boosters, technically, network security has provided a strong technical foundation for the popularity of mobile video surveillance, manufacturers need to develop a mobile client APP, through 4G , WiFi and other wireless network, you can achieve on a mobile terminal for remote mobile monitoring equipment management applications.

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