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The difference between PC based and standalone NVR

In recent years, urban security applications, a new model has been developed to monitor the storage in order to develop monitoring market segments, it is a PC-based NVR storage, more powerful image processing, storage technology in the promotion of large security. From the looks of it, a lot of stand-alone NVR's small size than PC-NVR. In terms of performance, NVRsoc run usually have one or more for video compression and decompression, or other image processing functions of dsp. On the other hand, based on the use of NVR cpu PC directly for video compression / decompression, content to watch and record, and manage the network cameras. Both for image processing different. In cpu processors, stand-NVR adopts arm architecture, PC-NVR adopts a more powerful commercial x86 architecture, there are differences in processing power and speed. The two also chose a different operating system, the former is based on the embedded linux operating system, which is compared with the windows operating system can support up to 32 video inputs and HDMI output.
From the current situation, the use of the security market, independent of NVR is more applicable to the planning of the monitoring system to facilitate the control of the number of network surveillance cameras. PC-based NVR can handle more powerful database and image management, compared NVR, the new storage scalability, flexibility and other advantages. In addition, PC-based storage system also provides support for more surveillance cameras scalability, and independent NVR often restricted the number of surveillance cameras. Of course, independent of NVR also has certain advantages, the first of its cheaper, reliability and stability are also slightly better. From the internal structure, which uses fewer components in a relatively confined space, the cost increase. linux system more stable, as a separate operating system, and its startup time is shorter than the PC-NVR.
NVR is more and more independent security projects and users are sure that their best solution is to provide SMEs with video data storage needs. In this way, SMEs can save from a large number of smaller monitors project costs. Some NVR functionality is not limited to the traditional control, such as increasing the PoE feature allows users no longer need to buy a PoE switch, further reducing the cost of the customer's hardware investment. The PC-NVR will require significant investment, such as video analysis software. Both the architecture is different, so the required equipment is also somewhat different. Select the type of PC-based and stand-alone NVR NVR between depends on the end user. Most customers are more familiar with PC-NVR-based mode of operation, and the future there will be more people choose standalone NVR, because they have a higher price. Future trends for storage applications, stand-alone NVR also optimized, although some manufacturers have provided more than 100 channels of connection, but 64 video interface is still the best solution. Future, more and more independent monitoring applications will be compatible NVR direction. Of course, the only considerations are not the number of channels selected by the user, for specific applications, PC-NVR can be handled better. Under normal circumstances, based on the PC-NVR deploy large-scale projects, such as business, government and mission-critical applications, they can also be deployed in high-end residential or small-scale enterprises, to meet the more complex security requirements.

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