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Technical advantages of PTZ camera

In modern monitoring system, multi-camera tracking a major challenge is how to maintain the continuity of different targets identified in the FOV. While still camera network can cover a wide area, but within the monitoring area of the camera in order to increase the viewing angle, the image resolution is thus reduced; when there is no overlap FOV, signal processing must still be performed on a single data source. Therefore, the introduction of the PTZ camera to the development of a network of cameras to bring a new application advantages. Dome (PTZ Dome) is an integrated dome, which has operating speed, optical zoom, precise positioning and flexible control features, along with the entire process of digital surveillance industry, network, development of high-definition, PTZ network cameras on product development also entered a new phase, HD PTZ cameras to become the new hot spot monitoring industry, its main application has the following four advantages.
ALL IN ONE, namely a network cable to achieve transfer all the data, which is an important advantage of network monitoring. Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af (POE switch terminal voltage is 48V DC, the maximum power 15.4W), only suitable for fixed network cameras and fixed dome camera power supply. High PoE, 802.3at support in the voltage range 50-57V DC, standard process for 53VDC, maximum power support 30W, to fully cover the dome and its power. Through High PoE, domes do not require any video cable, audio cable, control cable, power lines, etc., simply connect a network cable, you can connect all the cables. In order to shorten installation time HD PTZ network cameras, and to better ensure the quality of the installation fastball, more particularly network HD PTZ Camera Outdoor PTZ HD camera at the factory, it has been configured and pre guard IP66 good stand, out of the box, enabling quick installation network fastball, and can fully guarantee the quality of the installation.
PTZ dome camera, depending on its mechanical structure, can be divided into high-speed dome and PTZ cameras are two types, the two types are collectively referred to as PTZ dome camera. Use of high-speed ball shaft drive, solid structure, can achieve a 360-degree continuous rotation, but the cost is higher. The PTZ camera gear transmission, due to the presence of the limit, you can not achieve 360-degree rotation, but the low cost. So, can achieve 360-degree rotation and ensure lower manufacturing costs 360 PTZ cameras automatically flip technology has also been applied to high-definition PTZ camera. This dome camera with PTZ cameras, like the use of gear, but also limited spaces. When the camera 360 degrees horizontal rotation control, when it reaches the limit, the camera will rotate 180 degrees horizontally reverse within 0.1 seconds, 180 degrees vertical reverse rotation, after skipping the limit, continue to rotate in the direction of personnel control in order to achieve the continuous rotation of 360 degrees. Without requiring continuous rotation of the camera for a long time, the only hope to achieve a 360-degree surveillance, and hope the price is low fastball, the camera of this structure is a very good choice. Under normal circumstances, this automatic flip the dome structure, its horizontal rotation speed and vertical speed select the speed can reach 300 degrees / sec, and according to the zoom, automatic adjustment of the rotation speed, thus ensuring precise telephoto limit speed.
HD PTZ camera technology, making further improve the application needs to monitor. Particular network-based camera control and operation, require high-definition PTZ is able to quickly respond to the control command, and to achieve the rotation and zoom of the camera. Typically, there are two main HD PTZ camera control mode: joystick control and drag the center control. When using the joystick on the PTZ camera control, it is difficult to achieve accurate positioning control difficult. But the use of "the center of control" mode, you can freely control the heart. "The center of control" mode, the mouse on the image displayed as a "+" icon on the monitor image, the mouse point where the camera will be to the point as the center, auto-rotation, precise positioning to that point. When you want to zoom in on a target, you can press the left button while dragging the mouse, framed the goal, you can achieve the goal of automatic horizontal and vertical positioning and zoom.
Autonomous intelligent automatic PTZ tracking enables the camera to pan and zoom conduct their own autonomous PTZ drive, and automatically control the PTZ camera PTZ full rotation and zoom lenses, visual guides for automatic tracking of moving objects are locked, in order to ensure continuous tracking targets to enlarge close-up screen appears in the center of the lens, so that security personnel can more clearly see the information, but can also be used after the evidence. Automatic PTZ tracking module makes up a fixed camera surveillance tunnel vision drawback is the perfect security monitoring systems necessary functions. Intelligent PTZ tracking and monitoring system with automatic target analysis, and with a high resolution camera, high-magnification optical zoom lens and a high-speed head, you can quickly, accurately and automatically capture the suspicious target. By setting intelligent vision PTZ preset automatic tracking and monitoring system can achieve preset scan, auto cruise and other functions, but also to achieve the many special requirements intelligent monitoring.

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