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Network video surveillance will continue to grow in 2015

From a global point of view of video surveillance products classification, network cameras and analog HD market is the fastest growing type of product markets. In the market, network intelligence cameras, analog HD cameras and home demand will grow rapidly. Hemispherical and infrared cameras integrated network equally popular with the market. For most users, they are the most cost-effective choice. In recent years, the development of the video surveillance market has entered a rapid period, at the same time, with the major domestic carriers huge investment in network infrastructure, especially the rapid growth of 3G applications, quickly pushing the network cameras in various fields the rapid development of applications, from the development perspective the factors leading to the rapid development of network video surveillance industry is mainly: Government attaches great importance to information networks, especially for things of attention; the further development of the smart home industry; social safety hazard prevention more attention; compared to traditional analog cameras in the network camera handy, security, reliability, performance and stability, etc., have a great advantage; definition of demand is an obstacle to analog cameras can not be achieved.
Many well-known brands of network camera sales for several years with a 300% growth rate in the number of well-known brands to promote, I believe the network camera industry will usher in faster development. End-user type: City surveillance market (safe city, intelligent transportation, safe communities, safe campus, etc.) income growth in 2014, and this growth will continue in 2015. City surveillance is one of the most compelling video surveillance equipment applications. Smart HD video as evidence in the investigation of the terrorist attacks, riots and destruction of public security use cases, and more and more of these news organizations broadcast monitor screen. City surveillance often complex environment for wired network installation have significant limitations, such as the construction of a building has been lined with commercial development, specification of municipal green belt, remote monitoring of a wide range of regional distribution, etc., is difficult to complete a wired network and the high cost and long construction period. Wireless video transmission technology and reasonable solution to the problem of complex environments, flexibility, convenience, mobility, low cost, and investment protection features users the best network video surveillance solutions. Since the choice of a wireless transmission system, it is also appropriate to choose the camera network camera. High-definition, panoramic, infrared, wide dynamic cameras and other products must be able to adapt to the needs of the network.
In addition to wireless technology, network video server network can not be separated. Network video server applications in the field of the current video is mainly used to build a network video server remote monitoring system. ICT-based multi-channel digital network video server has a traditional tape-based recorders analog output system unparalleled many advantages, network video server using open hardware and software platforms and standard or universal interface protocol, system expansion ability, can and future all-digital, networked, systematic, multi-channel resource sharing system convergence. CCTV equipment is the best solution to the current transition from analog to digital. In the long run, network video server system integration has a huge potential market and prospects for the development of far-reaching, because deeper view, video networking, systems integration problem is not just for video transmission, which represents the future of video applications application development trends networking and information exchange, from a deeper level of interactive content, has broad potential for development, is one of the core content of the future 3G, broadband services. So to be sure, with the development of digital technology and network technology, network video server applications in the field of video will have more extended. Users of the camera's resolution is very important, from a practical point of view the product and system configuration, megapixels HD application level basic shape, such as the tip of megapixels network cameras, transmission, interfaces, coding, image processing applications, output, technical aspects of the product on display, as well as the application platform, based on an analysis of the topic, basically have the foundation to run.

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