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Cloud technology in intelligent video surveillance

With the development of cloud technologies and big data, video surveillance storage and intelligent analysis of the problem has been resolved, which promote the role of technology is very obvious. This is because the video surveillance applications in security, transportation, health care, logistics and other areas more widely, while vast amounts of video image processing, require appropriate storage and computing platforms, and cloud computing and cloud storage is to achieve high data processing program. Also, the video surveillance system has been tight and Things, cloud technology linked. Things were three levels of sensor monitoring, network and applications, the future of video surveillance is extremely important core nodes of things, a huge video information. With the expansion of the scale and high-definition video surveillance of the development, transfer and mass storage needs, the need to use more cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud search technology, and large-scale networking applications. Cloud computing security technology for development, it is basically in accordance with the analog, digital, network, and even the development of intelligent road. As for the current development orientation, it is from the decentralized, non-networked technology integration toward networking, data center of the form forward. Therefore, cloud storage technology in response to this change is still on very advantageous. Many manufacturers are on the DVR, NVR, or NAS, and SAN network processing capabilities of the work done, the ability to work on all types of network equipment have been greatly improved.
After a different definition video encoding process, will produce a very large storage needs. This is no doubt the traditional storage is a very big challenge. Monitoring the emergence of cloud storage, you can break the traditional storage model good work to bring to the memory constraints. In the network of different types of storage devices can be effectively combined to form a stronger than conventional storage capacity. Better achieve linear scaling of performance and capacity, so that the IT field has been the pursuit of "mass storage" becomes possible. The benefits of this integration is to the user, the user can reduce a lot of input on the monitor storage devices, reduce spending in the security management of the enterprise funds. And can achieve better sharing of resources, the efficiency and the ability to secure data transmission. In short, the application of this technology to help monitor large-scale information management is very obvious. In addition, cloud technology can also be a good intelligent video analysis. Especially for such a large scale monitoring systems for safe city. Simple manual analysis on each one has been unable to effectively monitor the detection point, so intelligent analysis in this management system plays an irreplaceable role. Currently, the constraints of intelligent analysis is widely used in addition to the drawbacks of intelligent video analysis technology is not mature enough, not efficient is another major factor. Intelligent analysis of the current equipment is mainly installed in the front-end control point to control, but the actual effect is not ideal. And if the use of cloud computing technology, then you can at the back end through intelligent analysis of idle nodes within the network launch, which invest in smaller devices more intelligent work in exchange for rewards.
Smart home automation control system simply is realized through the intelligent management of home appliances. In the mobile Internet world, via a button you can control everything at home, instead of manual operation. Family cloud applications in smart home which has new tricks? Include the following: intelligent wireless connection: Family cloud cover all the family wants to control the facilities and equipment, the use of intelligent wireless connectivity, enjoy no data line zero problems. High-capacity storage and sharing: the equivalent of a third-party cloud data storage family, you can want to see the contents of the backup to the cloud via a mobile terminal, any device connected to the cloud can get information. You can either sit on the couch watching a movie with HD TV, you can use the iPad lying in bed watching. Remote Control: The main push smart home system remote control concept, but requires that all equipment must be connected to the same LAN. Phone remote remote control operators need to intervene, is currently the biggest obstacle to cloud application family of smart home WAN. In the home security systems, mainly in the concept of cloud monitoring alarm and storage management. Home monitoring system is mainly rely on the network, providing network surveillance camera manufacturers and service platform docking, linkage system, the user authorization management for home security, by a third party platform provides real-time monitoring image. This monitoring and home DIY different way, by the vendor is responsible for monitoring and managing video data, user by user name and password to view. If abnormal phenomenon in the home for the elderly, the manufacturer can directly inform the hospital and inform their families. For the owners to release more space to work, home, real-time monitoring the situation by the manufacturer. For surveillance video also by the vendor on behalf of management, will sign a confidentiality agreement with the user according to the needs, to ensure that video is not compromised. For users, this fact to a third party on behalf of the management of the home purchase savings monitoring hardware and maintenance costs, but by a professional team to create a network monitoring independent of time and place restrictions, the right to enjoy multi-user real time monitoring.

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