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Mature road of integration surveillance cameras

Technically simple, integrated camera with integrated zoom function is equivalent to box camera,which in addition to an automatic fast focus more advantages than the external electric box camera with zoom lens solutions, but also have a smaller volume, better thermal performance and cheaper price advantage. However, in the past due to technical limitations of some characteristics of the movement and the lens of the industrial chain, integrated camera lens (such as a larger aperture, MTF values, small focal lengths, etc.) is better box camera's optional C / CS lens, a direct result of its a disadvantage in the resolution, low-light, wide dynamic, ultra-telephoto, wide-angle and other characteristics. So what kind of demand there will be people from the application of integrated video surveillance cameras? And now they will have integrated industry chain development of the camera what kind of change?
IR waterproof camera as a highly integrated device itself contains lenses,shields,brackets and fill light equipment,it has been popular with domestic security integrators preference. In the domestic mainstream applications, each has integrated various grades of manual zoom lens models. Even waterproof performance no matter how well the camera manufacturers, faced manual focusing infrared waterproof camera, will face a challenge, because the project site to debug the lens focal length, tend to turn on the camera body, in this process is difficult to avoid moisture entering , and once water vapor into the infrared lights and cameras veneer work will generate heat when rapid warming led to fog, if we go through the rain to cool, the temperature difference between inside and outside of the device will be more apparent cohesion mist. So we tend to see the following signs in a variety of manual zoom infrared waterproof camera: "The front cover has a humid environment opens fog risk." Even with such a reminder, the camera fogging problems some projects there will always be more or less.Of course,there are vendors through the use of special techniques to solve this problem defogging, but paid a price increase of the product cost, which is the last resort. How, after the IR waterproof camera waterproof tightness own foolproof, completely rule out the risk of fog, for camera makers focus is to solve the problem of open spaces, then the solutions in addition to the built-in fixed focus lens is made outside electric auto-focus function becomes doubly integrated infrared camera tube. Obviously, the latter's ability to adapt to the scene and to bring the convenience of debugging are all great. If the upgrade manual zoom infrared cylinder machine to autofocus integrated infrared cylinder machine for manufacturers to reduce the risk of fog. So for integrators, with integrated cameras and other peripherals are removed from the lens pairing selection, risk program simplifies the configuration introduced. As for the project providers,eliminating the step of using the integrated camera manual focus when construction,commissioning works to save time and manpower,and for customers, electric integrated camera can zoom and autofocus will increase the use of adaptive scene. So, from the perspective of demand, integrated camera should be developed.
Of course,even the best solution if there is no technical support as well as the industry chain is empty.On the one hand,as a result of the movement have adopted the program, we find that a vendor's products are often integrated camera has a corresponding ball machine, but the ball machine as the main categories of the camera, both in the degree of attention on the chain or in customer needs are followed on a box camera, especially in the last two years, the manufacturers to overcome technical barriers to independent research and development of the movement, mainstream manufacturers of ball machine and integrated camera uses a self-developed technology, therefore, for these firms, often the latest sensor and coding techniques can be applied at the same time the first time the program itself bolt and movement of products, integrated camera, and then the remaining differences in the box camera video surveillance imaging lens is basically a competition. First, the integrated camera with autofocus and its wider focal length imaging can often make up the difference on;secondly,with the continuous development of new sensor technology,various lens manufacturers are constantly adjusting and updating of,C / CS lenses and lens movement in the face of new competition, often in the same starting line. Therefore, most of the real needs of the project now, as long as business applications or less, integrated camera movement can replace most of the box camera.
On the other hand,although the ratio,but as integrated camera SLR camera shooting professional degree,but the same technique on a smartphone but shine.However,although the ratio of the integrated camera box camera of C / CS lens on the extreme image quality, but the technology can be applied to the IR waterproof cameras and dome cameras. Manual zoom barrel machine to integrated infrared tube machine upgrade, for example, the main technical route is the traditional 14 shots ISP program into multiple small movement program, network cameras, the sensor 14 shots sucked ISP coding the main chip into multiple networks fairly movement program, its technology and the key point is that the movement lens focus control circuit; and support for key chain is when this technology shift, the movement of the lens, and no more than the original business applications 14 manual zoom lens head has increased significantly, and can provide a wealth of focal lengths and products for camera manufacturers to choose from. Fortunately,with the last couple of years the importance of domestic and foreign manufacturers lens lens movement,launched a small multiple of the price movement of the lens is acceptable,mainstream manufacturers have a wealth of options in the camera movement, the use of the first two autofocus years since the inquiry movement gained control technology accumulation, have taken advantage launched its own free open spaces integrated infrared drum machine. Which can determine, all kinds of movement program integrated camera infrared drum machines and products in the hemisphere matures, it will definitely become a new force integrated camera.

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