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Development trends of high-definition monitor storage

Now has only a single storage device, but has been sublimated into a solution platform. Simple high-capacity storage system is not a bulk storage device, but also need to resolve completeness storage mechanism, as well as on the stored standard data processing speed and memory storage capacity can be used and other issues, there is a large-capacity storage system manageability requirements. The main form of storage include DVR, NVR, SDI-DVR, IPSAN, FCSAN other, and if in accordance with sub-transmission protocol, it can be divided into a file transfer protocol, data block transfer protocol, streaming three protocols. Common storage products on the market are mainly: NVR storage (management, collection, storage, playback in one); DVR storage (DVR itself has a small number of hard to meet their own DVR capture back images stored); IP network storage (IPSAN unified Storage architecture); external direct-attached storage (via the host server usb, minisas, esata interface expansion). The best way is to IP network storage, SAN architecture by, via LAN to a server, unified storage management, centralized storage in the IP network storage devices inside, cloud storage will adopt this architecture.
In all of the monitoring image information, useful information is often only 1% or even less than 1%. But precisely because of this 99 % of useless information to pave the way, only 1% of the precipitation of useful information. So, whether it is useful or useless video information, should be stored, which is bound to bring huge storage pressure. The video surveillance images is often an important industry event and a lot of evidence in the case after the verification and monitoring of social security, banking, judicial and other system applications, video surveillance images tend to be stored for 1-3 months or even longer. Improve monitoring of image clarity inevitably bring greater pressure. Thus, in the high-definition monitor popular today, faced with higher surveillance storage requirements, in particular in: mass storage needs, monitoring data is written to 7 × 24 hours, the amount of data increases linearly increase with time. For chain businesses, each branch layout 5-10 monitoring points are common, it is difficult to deal with traditional storage industry; and performance requirements, video surveillance is mainly written in the video stream, and characterize the performance of the storage can support the number of road-stream (usually 384Kbps-2Mbps). In the case of multiple concurrent, bandwidth, data capacity, cache and so have a greater impact, this time dedicated storage needs for optimized video performance; price sensitive, due to the large storage capacity of total security monitoring industry, resulting in the total costs. Conversely, the high capacity of the unit cost (price per TB) requirements; centralized management requirements, security monitoring applications, the need for mass storage devices, mass data storage device must be effectively managed up to the end the user's convenience, reliable, and transparent support; networking requirements, TCP / IP network is a network security monitoring technology infrastructure to develop in the direction of the network-based storage technology TCP / IP network security monitoring technology in the process of networking play an irreplaceable role. Storage time longer put a higher demand for storage space and system operating performance processing power and stability, need to be addressed include: requirements can not limit the capacity expansion; transmission speed can meet the requirements of high-definition video streaming and more; demanding video processing capacity of trouble-free performance (requires codec technology must continue to improve; require the system architecture must be reasonable, and the system and equipment must be safe and reliable.
Cloud computing is the last two years, the rise of IT industry a hot topic, and cloud storage concept has great temptation for the storage areas. Through cloud storage clustering applications, grid or distributed file systems and other functions, the network a large variety of different types of storage devices through software applications together to work together to provide external data storage and business access, which gives a large networking video surveillance system brings the dawn. Cloud storage technology in the field of security application features include: first, the monitoring will use cloud storage more video surveillance hosting service, providing customers with private cloud services for small-scale deployments, such as family, shops; second, cloud security services will be provided by the independent custom enterprise cloud service provider infrastructure needs, services, software and hardware resources; third, the data center model will be introduced and gradually become the mainstream form of the security industry. Cloud storage has the following advantages: Storage management can be automated and intelligent, all storage resources are integrated together, customers see a single storage space; improved storage efficiency, virtualization technology to solve the waste of storage space, you can automatically redistribute data, improve the utilization of storage space, along with load balancing, fault tolerance capabilities; cloud storage can achieve economies of scale and flexibility expand, reduce operating costs and avoid waste of resources. Limited to the security video surveillance of their business characteristics, monitoring cloud storage and cloud computing model the existing Internet will be different, as users tend video security information is stored in the local government more sensitive video surveillance applications, video information privacy issues, video monitoring network bandwidth consumption larger issues.
Although the current technology, the use of cloud storage implementation of the monitoring system as well as full coverage of certain difficulties. However, this is not due to defects caused by cloud storage, but has not yet fully reached the desired popularity only. Monitoring market popularity of cloud storage is a process, cloud storage is not only ensure data security, to ensure unrestricted mass storage capacity, while the more important point is to make data sharing, collaboration, and rapid response. Cloud storage is a service, data mining is a real sense of big data, you need to be able to quickly find the information we need vast amounts of data which, after monitoring the storage market will completely change the way traditional storage for cloud storage.

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