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Multi sensor integration technology in video surveillance

Various sensors integrated multi-sensor technology, including video network cameras, including complementary and optimized combination of information processing, and ultimately produce consistent interpretation of the observed environment. In this process, to take full advantage of multi-source data and reasonable control, based on the separation of each sensor observation information obtained information through multi-level, multi-faceted combination exported more useful information. Multi-sensor up for the lack of pure video surveillance, for more environmental quantities track to achieve the target area multi-faceted three-dimensional monitoring; at the same time, the use of multi-sensor information integration technology, the system can effectively improve the detection area or target alarm, intelligent analysis, the accuracy of intelligent tracking; In addition, large scale integrated sensor system to obtain more information than a single or a small number of sensors integrated system, these large data effectively integrated application, to achieve a more complex and advanced features, the generated a huge industry and social value. Multi-sensor video integration has two meanings, one "multi-type" is the system integrates a variety of types of sensors; the second is "more quantity", with multiple types of sensors can also be referred to as multi-sensor integration. For example, a combination of the way audio and video capture surveillance camera can be seen as multi-sensor integration, access to the dvr a 16-way video signal can also be considered a multi-sensor integration, which is a multi-sensor video integrated concept in a broad sense. Multi-sensor integrated video strictly emphasize the use of multi-sensor data fusion, and this information integration technology in practical applications can be very simple or very complex.
In the field of video surveillance, there are three types or multi-sensor integrated approach and application levels: the internal sensor integration, the traditional single function sensors exist, the use of the environment is limited ring, installation inconvenience and other limitations. As traditional infrared alarm, falling leaves or birds flying can cause false alarms, usually only suitable for installation indoors and can not be used outdoors. With the development of sensor technology, there have been some integration of multiple sensor unit sensor products, to solve the drawbacks of conventional sensors. An integrated sensor technology is versatile, these sensors are integrated into a variety of different uses sensing unit to solve the traditional function of a single sensor, installation inconvenience and other issues, and reduce system integration costs. As the temperature and humidity sensing unit integrated together in temperature and humidity sensors, gas sensors another example integrated multi-gas detection unit. These sensors will require a system several relevant sensor integrated together, easy to use, is a future direction sensor development. Another technique is integrated dual-function, multi-sensor that integrates multiple sensor elements equally, but the purpose is not to expand the functionality of the sensor, but a comprehensive information from multiple sensor unit for computing, to reduce false positives , to improve the recognition rate sensor. Integrated multi-sensor unit sensor integration technology is a trend of the future security sensor applications.
To improve the video effect or enhance the adaptability of products on the environment, a number of video surveillance products will integrate its own access to the image sensor or sensors outside support and enhance the function of video surveillance products. Such as infrared surveillance cameras, infrared dome cameras and other products, at night or low light environments, will start the infrared surveillance camera mode, the image sensor is still able to take a clear black and white video is eligible under sunny conditions and automatically switches to the normal mode, so that the restoration of color video surveillance camera, to achieve high-fidelity images. Typically, this change in the light from the device since the body is calculated by analyzing the video image, but the calculation is more complex, but the effect is not satisfactory environmental adaptability is not strong, and therefore, some of these products in the structure permitting would in itself an integrated light sensors to direct perception and processing ambient light changes, the device switches to the correct mode. Some advanced equipment and even integrate more sensors, such as the configuration of two image sensors, one for visible imaging, responsible for video capture and one for infrared thermal imaging to identify and find the target, making fine positioning and tracking. Meanwhile, some are also equipped with night vision radar signal reception interface, automatic tracking. Integration of multiple sensors, night vision makes clear video images can be obtained in a variety of environments and achieve the goal of accurate tracking. Whether it is the internal sensor or monitoring products integrated multi-sensor integration, which involves a number of sensors are relatively limited, but some of the more primitive of problem solving, such as multi-function probe, the solution is just the sensor itself accuracy and environmental adaptability. Multi-sensor video more in the strict sense is integrated in the monitoring system at this level using multi-sensor fusion technology to solve more complex problems, resulting in greater value.
Home monitoring system is a compact multi-sensor integrated video surveillance system. The system uses network technology will be installed in the home video, audio, alarm, and other monitoring equipment and sensors connected via process control computer or device will be useful for information storage, transmission and processing, to achieve the full range of home security monitoring . Among them, the audio and video surveillance camera with deposit gathering home audio and video data in real time; magnetic door sensors, infrared sensors can detect and shut the door, and the people out; smoke and gas sensors can detect other abnormalities home. Information from these sensors unified collection to the monitoring host, association information, monitoring systems not only meet the real-time view home in the case of basic needs, but also can detect the home abnormalities, such as fire, gas leak, thieves intrusion, and to take further action such as sending an alert, such as the preservation of evidence. The system is associated with a plurality of sensor information processing may be more simple or complex can be done, such as infrared sensors and magnetic door sensor to someone invades the video information from the surveillance camera can even use face recognition technology to determine the entry is the master or strangers, family members go out into the system to reduce false positives. Through the introduction of the above cases, we can easily be seen as multi-sensor video integration technology is not a mystery, can be seen in a variety of surveillance applications. The technology of multi-sensor information fusion technology based on the theory, but because of the diversity of video surveillance needs, the practical application of the sensor integrated high and low, the integration of the technology involved has complicated there are simple, thus creating a number of different levels integrated direction, representing the different needs of the next multi-sensor video integration trend. With the development of the Internet of Things, both for small to multi-monitor probe, or for large complex systems such as smart city will put more demands on the multi-sensor integration, the introduction of multi-sensor sound and video integration technology development, so that multi-sensor integrated video become mainstream video surveillance solutions.

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